Gambling Regulation

How Online Gambling Is Regulated Throughout The World

Online Gambling

Over the last couple of years, gambling has changed a lot and with the advent of online casinos, there is a lot of responsibility that falls on the authorities to regulate it. The laws vary from country to country but are enforced strictly. In matters of a land-based casino, the laws are absolute and there is no loophole. However, online gambling falls in ambiguity. Some places there are rules to regulate it but most of it allows a lot of space for the casinos and laws are lenient.

Local Gambling Legislation

There is no single body that governs the online gambling industry. That means the laws vary from place to place. Even though the industry has grown in recent years, there has been no significant change in the legislation. There can be a difference in the online gambling law within the country where federal law and state law can vary. They can be open to more than one interpretation. The laws sometimes can just apply to the gambling operators instead of all the actors involved in the business.

Local Gambling Legislation

Online Gambling Jurisdictions

These are the places where various countries have passed certain laws to regulate online gambling. Since there is no way to restrict online gambling or restrain a player on betting online even though, the laws provide a framework as to how things are supposed to work and not just provides you with rules and regulation but in case there is a dispute acts as damage control. If you wish to get a license in these jurisdictions, you must meet all the requirements and there are gambling commissions that are appointed to grant you licenses.

Licensing Requirements

There are various requirements for a gambling license. This also depends on the area you are operating from, but the main requirements include accounting procedures, the fairness of games, dealing with gamblers, fairness in rules, underage gambling, and how the house manages the complaints.  This ensures fairness in the business and protects the players from potential fraud. The deposits in the casino must be separated from all other funding as if the business went out of funds and ran into a problem, this money is protected. Another is the fairness of games. They must ensure that the games are devoid of bias and when there is an issue of addiction, the player is provided with adequate information to assess the information.



One of the criticisms that the online casinos have faced is that it is easy for an underage person to gamble online. So that’s why they must carry a regular identity check and make sure that the people who are gambling are of the legal age.


There are a lot of regulations in various areas of gambling and this is one industry that shifts hefty amounts of money every day. Many governments have placed various sorts of rules and regulations to operate. In terms of online gambling, the rules are somewhat convenient but they have the same intention.